"The Vintage Motor Cycle Club, with over 17,000 Members, united by a common appreciation of the engineering skills and vision of those who built the pioneer machines, has ensured that such machines are not preserved as lifeless exhibits in a museum, but are brought to life on frequent occasions in order that a new generation can marvel at the handiwork of the pioneers, and an older generation can once again view with nostalgia the machines they rode in days gone by."

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The Vintage Motor Cycle Club Limited
Allen House
Wetmore Road
Burton Upon Trent
Staffordshire DE14 1TR, UK


The Club Headquarters are manned from 9.00 am to 5.30 pm Monday to Thursday, 9.00 to 4.00pm Friday.


Tel. +44 (0)1283 540557  Fax. +44 (0)1283 510547


VMCC Contacts

PRESIDENT-Rodney Hann president@vmcc.net
CHAIRMAN-Robert Reaney chairman@vmcc.net 
ACCOUNTANT - Paul Broadhurst paulbroadhurst@vmcc.net
BOOKKEEPER- Sue Bartlam accounts@vmcc.net
GENERAL ADMIN/EDITORIAL/MEMBERSHIP-Pam Goodfellow general@vmcc.net
ADVERTISING - Sara Smith adverts@vmcc.net
LIBRARY TEAM-Vicky Frost, Peter Bennett library@vmcc.net
RETAIL /IT ADMIN-Ian Botham ianbotham@vmcc.net
SOCIAL MEDIA AND IT APPRENTICE - Elyse Thorley elysethorley@vmcc.net
EVENT ENTRIES - Steve Kowalski events@vmcc.net


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